Urban Education Undergraduate Endorsement

Urban Education Undergraduate Endorsement (Online)

Endorsement Requirements: 9 Credit Hours

Program Description: The Urban Education endorsement program is fully online and consists of three courses (cross listed at the undergraduate and graduate levels) that provide candidates with: (1) exposure to foundational and emergent scholarship in culturally relevant and culturally sustaining pedagogies; (2) field experiences engaging with youth and families within urban community contexts; and (3) experiences in designing curriculum for culturally and linguistically diverse learners in urban settings. Successful completers of this endorsement will be able to employ multi-faceted understandings of urban educational contexts and principles of culturally relevant and culturally sustaining pedagogies to identify and leverage informal and formal educational resources within urban schools and communities to empower learners.

Credit Hours
Endorsement Program Requirements9
Understanding the Context of Urban Education
Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Pedagogy in Urban Schools
The City as Curriculum: Partnerships and Community Engagement in Urban Schools
Total Credit Hours9

Additional Program Requirements

  1. Admission to a BSED teacher certification program 
  2. Complete 9 credit hours of prescribed course work.
  3. Upon successful completion of all program requirements for the BSED certification program, the Urban Education Endorsement, and successful completion of all certification requirements, the program completer qualifies for a level 4 teaching certification and an Urban Education Endorsement.
  4. Urban Education Endorsement courses must be taken in sequence with candidates earning a "C" or better to continue in the program. 


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