English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Education Undergraduate Endorsement

ESOL Undergraduate Endorsement Requirements: 9 Credit Hours

This program prepares individuals enrolled in a BSED teacher certification program to teach English to speakers of other languages in grades P-12.

Credit Hours
Endorsement Program Requirements9
Cultural Diversity and ESOL/TCLD
Applied Linguistics for ESOL/TCLD
Methods for Teaching ESOL/TCLD
Total Credit Hours9

Other Program Requirements

1. Admission to a BSED teacher certification program.

2. Complete 9 credit hours of prescribed course work.

3. Upon successful completion of all program requirements for the BSED certification program and ESOL endorsement and successful completion of all certification requirements, the program completer qualifies for a level 4 teaching certification and an ESOL endorsement. 


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