Health Education and Promotion Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Required Courses15
Introduction to Community and Public Health
Select two total from the following list:
Chronic Diseases: A Modern Epidemic (Prerequisites: KINS   2531 and KINS   2511)
Health Care Systems and Advocacy
Principles of Environmental Health
Multicultural and Social Determinants of Health
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Modifying Health Behaviors
Select two health content courses: 1
Substance Use and Abuse
Stress Theory and Management in Health Promotion
Sexuality Education
Consumer Health
Global Maternal and Child Health
Health Aspects of Aging
Total Credit Hours15

The Health Education and Promotion Minor is open to any student interested in health education and promotion.


Jeffrey A. Jones, Ph.D.
Department of Health Policy and Community Health
Hendricks Hall, Room 2005