Biology Minor


Credit Hours
CHEM   1211KPrinciples of Chemistry I0,4
BIOL   1107Principles of Biology I1-3
or BIOL   1107L Principles of Biology I Laboratory
BIOL   1108Principles of Biology II1-3
or BIOL   1108L Principles of Biology Laboratory II
Total Credit Hours2-10

Minor Program

Credit Hours
BIOL   3131Physiology3
BIOL   3133Evolution and Ecology3
BIOL   3134Cell and Molecular Biology3
Upper Division Electives (6 hours)6
BIOL - Upper Division courses (3000 level or above) - at least one laboratory offering required
Total Credit Hours15

Additional Minor Requirements/Recommendations

A Departmental Advisor must approve all coursework.
BCHM   3200 and BCHM   5201 cannot count towards the Biology Minor
Students must have a grade of "C" or better in all courses used towards the Minor in Biology.