Geology Minor


Credit Hours
GEOL   1121Introduction to the Earth 4
GEOL   1122General Historical Geology4
Total Credit Hours8

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Students must complete 15 additional hours of upper level geology coursework (3000-level and above, not to include GEOL 5230 or GEOL 5231).15
Total Credit Hours15

Additional Minor Requirements/Recommendations

A student seeking a minor in Geology will select at least 15 hours of upper-level GEOL courses (excluding GEOL   5230 and GEOL   5231) that best fit the student's interest or best complement the student's major.


For individuals seeking teacher certification through MAT, the following list of courses is recommended. 

Credit Hours
GEOL   3541Mineralogy4
GEOL   3542Petrology and Petrography 4
GEOL   5142Stratigraphy and Sedimentation 4
GEOL   5440Structural Geology4
Total Credit Hours16

For further information regarding Certification, please refer to the College of Education section.