Medical Laboratory Science B.S.M.L.S.

Degree Requirements: 124 Credit Hours

Program of Study

Traditional Track

Credit Hours
General Requirements (Core A – E)42
Additional Requirements4
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major18
Principles of Biology I
Principles of Biology I Laboratory
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Other approved courses (e.g., biology, chemistry, computer science)
Major Requirements60
Urinalysis and Body Fluids
Clinical Bacteriology
Clin Hematology & Hemostasis
Clinical Immunohematology
Clinical Chemistry
Clinical Lab Meth & Molec Dgn
Clinical Immunology
Clinical Microbiology
Clinical Practicum
Clinical Path and Crit Dec Mak
Laboratory Mgmt and Education
Other Requirements
Principles of Microbiology
Intro Research in Health Prof
Total Credit Hours124

Progression Requirements

Students must earn a C or better in each Medical Laboratory Science course. A student may repeat a single medical laboratory science course only one time (at the next offering, provided space is available). Students who fail to earn a C or better in a repeated medical laboratory science course, or who fail to earn a C in a subsequent medical laboratory science course, will be dismissed from the program with no possibility of readmission.

Students must maintain an overall adjusted grade point average of 2.0 or higher. A student who falls below this will be placed on suspension from the program for one semester. If the student's grade point average is not raised by the end of the next semester, the student will be dismissed from the program. Students must complete the professional course work within three consecutive years from the date of initial admission to the Medical Laboratory Science program.


For questions regarding specific undergraduate requirements, please contact the Waters College of Health Professions Student Success Center.