Exercise Science Minor


Chair, Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology
Hollis Building, Room 2115
(912) 478-0200

The Exercise Science Minor is open to any student interested in exercise science. Students can choose between two emphases: exercise behavior or coaching behavior.


Credit Hours
Required for Option 1 ONLY:
Must earn a minimum grade of "C" in the following:
KINS   2511Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory 1
KINS   2512Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory 1
KINS   2531Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
KINS   2532Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
PHYS   1111KIntroductory Physics I4
PSYC   1101Introduction to Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours15

Minor Program

OPTION 1 - Exercise Behavior Emphasis Requirements

Credit Hours
KINS   3132Foundations of Exercise and Sport Psychology 3
KINS   3541Structural Kinesiology 4
KINS   3542Physiological Aspects of Exercise 4
KINS   3543Biomechanical Analysis of Movement 4
KINS   3230Motor Control, Coordination, and Skill 3
or KINS   4231 Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Prescription
Total Credit Hours18

OPTION 2 - Coaching Behavior Emphasis Requirements

Credit Hours
KINS   3430Principles of Coaching 3
KINS   3431Psychology of Coaching 3
KINS   4420Sport Conditioning Laboratory 2
KINS   4730Coaching Practicum 3
Select two of the following:4
Coaching Baseball and Softball
Coaching Basketball
Coaching Football
Coaching Olympic Sports
Principles of Officiating
Total Credit Hours15