Exercise Science Minor


Chair, Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology
Hollis Building, Room 2115
(912) 478-0200

The Exercise Science Minor is open to any student interested in exercise science. Students can choose between two emphases: exercise behavior or coaching behavior.


Credit Hours
Required for Option 1 ONLY:
Must earn a minimum grade of "C" in the following:
KINS   2511Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory1
KINS   2512Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory1
KINS   2531Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
KINS   2532Human Anatomy and Physiology II3
PHYS   1111KIntroductory Physics I4
PSYC   1101Introduction to Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours15

Minor Program

OPTION 1 - Exercise Behavior Emphasis Requirements

Credit Hours
KINS   3132Foundations of Exercise and Sport Psychology3
KINS   3541Structural Kinesiology4
KINS   3542Physiological Aspects of Exercise4
KINS   3543Biomechanical Analysis of Movement4
KINS   3230Motor Control, Coordination, and Skill 3
or KINS   4231 Fitness Evaluation and Exercise Prescription
Total Credit Hours18

OPTION 2 - Coaching Behavior Emphasis Requirements

Credit Hours
KINS   3430Principles of Coaching3
KINS   3431Psychology of Coaching3
KINS   4420Sport Conditioning Laboratory2
KINS   4730Coaching Practicum3
Select two of the following:4
Coaching Baseball and Softball
Coaching Basketball
Coaching Football
Coaching Olympic Sports
Principles of Officiating
Total Credit Hours15