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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Management

This major emphasizes the integrative nature of the management discipline in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling contemporary profit and non-profit organizations. The program includes the study of both qualitative and quantitative contributions from the management sciences to provide the student with modern analytic concepts, tools, and techniques that can be used as aids to managerial decision-making. Various teaching methods are used in an effort to bring reality to classroom considerations of relevant business problems. The student who wishes to major in management can select one of four options:

  1. The management major without an area of emphasis;
  2. the management major with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation;
  3. the management major with an emphasis in hospitality management; 
  4. the management major with an emphasis in human resource management.
Management Major Without an Area of Emphasis

This major is intended to expose students to entrepreneurship, hospitality management, and human resources, as well as general management principles and practices.

Emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is designed for persons whose career aspirations include starting, managing, and developing their own businesses. The distinguishing characteristic of the emphasis is that it focuses on teaching students how to assume total responsibility for a business enterprise. This emphasis is especially appealing to selfmotivated individuals who prefer to be their own bosses and who are unafraid of expressing and taking action on their ideas.

Emphasis in Hospitality Management

This Hospitality Program is designed to prepare students for careers in Restaurant or Hotel Management. Upon the completion of course work a semester long paid internship is required. This is intended to give students hands-on experience to complement their studies and to serve as a bridge to help start their careers.

Emphasis in Human Resource Management (HRM)

The human resource management emphasis allows a student to specialize in the study of personnel administration and human resource 156 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Minor management. While this emphasis is especially appealing to individuals whose career aspirations are focused on working in the human resources management areas, the collection of courses included in this emphasis are relevant to managers in all areas of today’s organizations.


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