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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical and Medieval Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program

Course Requirements: Credit Hours: 18

Total Credit Hours: 18

Additional Minor Requirement

A minimum of 15 hours will be necessary for an interdisciplinary minor in Classical and Medieval Studies, including 3 hours of upper division Latin. No student may apply any course in the department of his major towards the interdisciplinary minor in Classical and Medieval Studies.

HIST 1111 World History I: Development of World Civilization  (3) will be a requirement for all students minoring in Classical and Medieval Studies and counts toward the necessary 15 hours for all students except History majors. A History major who minors in Classical and Medieval Studies may not count World History I towards fulfilling the necessary 15 hours since history majors are already required to take HIST 1111  as part of their major requirements. All students minoring in Classical and Medieval Studies may take up to one lower division and one upper division course cross listed with their majors.

Selected topics courses (3030s), study abroad programs and independent study courses with a specifically classical or medieval focus may be used as credit towards the minor upon approval of the director of the program and provided they are accepted for credit by the University. Their suitability for the minor will be decided by the director of the program.


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