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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sports Medicine - Emphasis in Human Movement Science, M.S.S.M.

Degree Requirements: 36 Credit Hours

Policies, Requirements and Standards

The Master of Science in Sports Medicine (MSSM) degree at Georgia Southern University prepares leaders for the general field of sports medicine with advanced education in either Strength & Conditioning or Advanced Athletic Training.

The MSSM provides an interdisciplinary scientific background in sport and physical activity with a significant emphasis on work-related concepts and experiences. The educational experiences are designed utilizing evidencebased research to develop leaders in the scientific and clinical aspects of Sports Medicine.

Criminal Background Checks

Clinical agencies utilized by the Department of Health Sciences and Kinesiology and the Sports Medicine program may require criminal background checks and/or drug testing prior to acceptance of the student into clinical facilities. Students who do not pass the criminal background check and/or drug test may be unable to attend clinical courses and therefore may be unable to complete their Program of Study. Any fees or costs associated with background checks and/or drug testing is the responsibility of the student.

Admission Standards

For consideration of admission to the MSSM program, the applicant must have completed an application for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at Georgia Southern University, submitted official copies of all academic transcripts related to undergraduate and graduate coursework at the time of program application, submitted official GRE scores, and prepared a formal Statement of Graduate Education Goals. Courses in statistics, research methods, anatomy and physiology are recommended. The applicant must also have:

  1. Completed requirements for a baccalaureate degree from a regionallyaccredited institution; AND
  2. A minimum 2.80 cumulative undergraduate GPA; AND
  3. GRE: No less than 146 Verbal AND 141 Quantitative. (See note under Admissions Examinations about using revised GRE scores after August 1, 2011.)

Note: In lieu of the above requirements, an earned doctorate or masters from a regionally-accredited institution may qualify the student for regular admission.

Standards of Progression and Graduation

  1. All degree requirements must be completed within seven years.
  2. Students must satisfactorily complete a thesis or research project.
  3. Students must satisfactorily complete a comprehensive assessment.
  4. Students are encouraged to apply for graduation two semesters before the anticipated date of graduation. Note: A copy of the official program of study must accompany the candidate’s application.

Program of Study

Total Credit Hours: 36

Accelerated Bachelors to Masters (MSSM-ABM)

The MSSM-ABM is designed to allow currently enrolled Georgia Southern University students to enter the MSSM degree program after completing 90 credit hours. Students may be accepted into the MSSM-ABM program if all of the following criteria are met:
  • Student must have earned a minimum 90 credit hours and have completed an application for admission to the MSSM-ABM program.
  • Student must have completed all Core courses at Georgia Southern University with no failures or repeats. A grade lower than a “C” in Areas A, D, or F is considered a failure.
  • Student must be a declared major in the Bachelor of Health Science degree program, enrolled in the Human Performance/Fitness Management track.
  • Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.3.
  • Student must not have earned any grade lower than a “B” in any major course (excluding Area F).
  • Student must have scored at least 290 or higher on GRE.

Any 3 of the following courses (9 hours) can be taken by MSSM-ABM students to apply towards the MSSM

Total Credit Hours: 9


Graduate students are advised by their program. Graduate students should reach out to their graduate program director for information regarding the structures in place to facilitate advisement. For more information visit Graduate Academic Advisement .

Graduate students can also contact the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies for more information about their program director.
Phone: 912-478-COGS (2647)
Email: gradschool@georgiasouthern.edu