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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Geology and Geography

The Department of Geology and Geography offers a balance of teaching, research, and service to the university, the region, and beyond. Areas of focus among geology faculty include igneous and metamorphic petrology, paleontology, sedimentology, structural geology, tectonics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, coastal geology, environmental geology, and natural history of the Coastal Plain. Areas of focus among geography faculty include geospatial analysis, health geography, cultural geography, urban geography, tourism geography, human-environment interactions, international development, social dimensions of climate change, coastal wetlands, remote sensing, land-use and land cover change, and economic geography.


The Department offers four undergraduate degree programs, a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Geology (BS), a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Geography (BS), a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Geology (BA), and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a Major in Geography (BA). Students can choose an emphasis within the BA Geography degree, by taking courses focused on Environmental Studies or Global Studies. Our department also offers a minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS).


The Department offers two options for the Master of Science in Applied Geography (MS) degree, Thesis and a Non-Thesis.

The Master of Science degree prepares graduates for advanced study, meaningful employment, and life-long learning.  The program’s applied focus nurtures a culture of engagement, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities and helping students from a variety of academic disciplines apply their classroom knowledge to real-world situations.  The increasing demand for readily available, consistent, accurate, complete, and current geographic information and the widespread availability and use of advanced geospatial technologies offer excellent career opportunities for our graduates.


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